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  • Service range

    We grasp users’ behavior and psychological through accurate analysis of customer service mode and commercial purposes,

    to solve the problem of existing products and services, through analyzing user experience to sort out users’ pain points,

    exploring new business opportunities and service modes, and integrated with good user experience.

    Research of enhancing user experience

    Through the analysis of customer service mode, commercial purposes, user behavior and psychological , to explore the problem existed among current product service process, to solve users’ pain point by analyzing user experience, digging out new business and service mode, enhancing product’s user experience.

    Product test evaluation

    For user experience analysis of off-line products, by observing the user behavior of using the product, to research user needs, analyzing the product’s human-computer relationship and user psychological, to discover the weakness of product design, sorting out user demand investigation and user characteristics analysis report, providing design support and advice for off-line products.

    Interaction design

    By analyzing the relevant information obtained from the user research, further user psychological will be analyzed, to design and optimize task flow, express the business logic under properly using scenario, and work out the interaction prototype.

    UI visual design

    Integrated with clients brand style thoroughly, using the mainstream visual form properly, to amuse users by delivering interface with correct information.

    Front-end development and implementation

    To ensure the implementation by maintaining the experience, through the communication between designers and developers to remain the original design scheme mostly, and provide customers with front-end solutions, reducing communication costs.

    UED training

    By understanding the enterprise’s expectation, tailor making UED knowledge and skills training, help enterprise and staff to comprehend and learn about UED knowledge, therefore to develop corporation business better so that to help the products meet the requirements of strategic development, at the same time helping enterprise to set up their own UED department and provide advice and assistance.

    Fields involved

    From mobile internet to system application,

    U-top provides product consulting and user experience solutions for clients.



    Mobile internet

    As technology keeps innovated, products become more variety, in this fully developed day of mobile internet, we have been committed to provide feasible solutions to customers, after completely considered the balance of users, business and technology as well as maintaining good user experience, to enhance the competitiveness of products.




    Internet of things

    Everything are connect to each other, through the intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management to create intelligent products, connect products with terminal users, analyzing user demands, focus on new opportunities, integrated with needs, combining on-line software and hardware products, to inform a more convenient service experience based on the data, therefore leads to the innovation design of the Internet of things.




    Traditional manufacturing products

    Products nowadays do not only rely on appearance to impress users, as people are enhancing requirements of service, off-line products with good experience and better ways of meeting user psychological become the mainstream choice for people. Therefore, we will combine the methods of user research in product research, and provide help for the transformation of traditional manufacturing products.



    Systematic application

    Through improving the user experience of office and service system, proceeding scenario design which according to different office, service type and business to design different experience, allowing users to use up more comfortable and effective; through the understanding and analysis of online and offline business, to redesign and combining organically, allowing users to have a good experience during the service process, such as catering services, medical services, shopping and other related services business.

    Service feature

    Accurate user research that throughout user,

    product and brand, capturing real user data to ensure products meet user needs,

    professional front-end development ensures the implementation of design.


    In the process of research and design, we use research methods as questionnaire survey, depth interviews, extreme user research, competitive products analysis, mindmap, establish storyboards and user's psychological model, insight into the problem and digging out the real reason behind user behavior, sketching out the wireframe and making prototype, through usability testing of products to do concept evaluation pre assessment.


    Through test tools, professional test equipment and user observation room to test and evaluate the design results, analyze the feedback data, to ensure the rationality of product design, help enterprises to reduce operating risk.


    The implementation of design reveals its value, through full communication of designers and developers, which makes the design eventually falls to the ground, at the same time, to do internal testing before on-line through set up the real test environment, which effectively avoid risks, to help customers and users accurately understand the design scheme better.

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